Today I work as a Visual Merchandising Coordinator e Store Planner at Carlo Pazolini Fine Shoes and Accessories, Italy ,www.carlopazolini.com. I design and monitor the interiors and furniture projects for the new openings (together with the Takeda Katsuya Design studio), according to the Brand politics, supervise and monitor the Visual Merchandising of all the shops and outlets of the Brand throughout Europe (Italy, UK and Greece), including the Brand corners in all the Coin shopping centers of Italy. In particular I do:

– Design and implementation of  the shop window’s furniture and layout, design new accessories/furniture for the special events.

– Create and supervise the layout of the shop windows and the shop oor in order to optimize spaces and valorize the product; coordinate the staff training on the knowledge of the VM rules.

All this presupposes the spread of the Brand layout rules in the whole commercial Brand net. I am currently making numerous business trips all over Italy and abroad (UK, Russia)

After a profound research in collaboration with our external consultant Orsetta Mantovani (Max Mara Group), I created a Visual Merchandising Book, that includes all the VM layout rules and tools for the Brand’s shoes and accessories, distribution and presentation of goods during the full season/sales period, division of the collections in product groups and families for every shop oor typology. Other than that, we elaborated and realized some projects for the Flagship store of the Brand in Piazza Cordusio in Milan, in collaboration with the studios Oltrefrontieraprogetti (Milan) and 4mmg (Milan), making the new shop window furniture for the presentation of the SS 15 Collectioion

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