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My name is Sofia, i was born in 1986 in Samara, Russia, where i lived and studied at the Architectural and Building Academy (now SSUAE) until 2010. During this period i went to live in work in San Francisco, USA, for almost 8 monthes with a student program, working as a graphic and communication designer in one of the San Francisco studios. Coming back to Russia to finish studies, for 3 years onwards i made a stage as an exhibition stand designer and a project manager, getting to know the profesion.

In 2010 i won the scolarship for a Master of Architecture in Politecnico di Milano and moved to live in Italy. Participating in numerous contests and workshops, my project for the Expo 2015 Coffe Cluster, done with group of other students, has been chosen to be built for the international exhibition and received numerous recognitions.

After her graduation in 2013 i began my professional career working as a junior architect and a project manager at the exhibition design studio in Milan, designing and supervising the construction of several collective exhibitions in Moscow, Russia. Being quite passionate also about the retail and product design, some time later i went to work as a store designer and a visual merchandising coordinator at an emergeing brand of fine shoes and accessories, where i worked for the last 4 years. Designing and monitoring the interiors and furniture projects for the new openings, according to the Brand politics, i also supervised the Visual Merchandising of all brand’s shops, corners and outlets throughout Europe.

Since 2015 i work as an architect/interior designer for the InteriorBe, a community of architects designers from all over Italy, that make projects of different typologies online.

In January 2016 I launched my brand of lamps, LAMPA. Initially handmade (I assambled materials and pieces that I considered interesting, using brass, iron, stone, ecc.), my first seris BOLLA has received many positive feedbacks and is now sent in production to be sold online.

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